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WoW: Silvermoon
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3rd-Mar-2009 08:04 am(no subject)
Trylana of Silvermoon
Hey is anyone out there?  What are all the people of Silvermoon gone?

I was really hoping to connect to others on this server, but I guess not.
26th-Nov-2006 11:22 am - Auction reminder!
newest shot
Tell a gamer friend! Spread the word! only a few hours left on my hand-made WoW Costume!!! If it doesn't sell this try, I'll suck it up, pay the $9.00 listing fee(!!!!), and it won't go up for sale again for an entire year. (and I'll be a sad panda)

14th-Jul-2006 10:01 pm - Horde Guild recruiting.
If anyone on this server plays a horde character that is at least level 30 and wants to join a guild, Mente Conceptus is recruiting.

We have an experianced guild leader and a tabard (if that means anything to anyone).

Our primary focus right now is to build our numbers with level 30+ players to eventually become a raid guild but we're not interested in 12 year old kids who "tipe like diss" or anyone who likes to make enemies and represent our guild poorly.

As I mentioned, we're interested in eventually becomming a raid guild but for now we're primarily looking to build up our number of members and running instances and/or battlegrounds.

If you are interested, please make a post in our Livejournal community (mente_conceptus) and we'll follow up with you from there.

Thanks in advance!
26th-Jun-2006 12:53 pm - intro
Bella & Edward Love
I just found this community so I figured I'd introduce myself. I've been playing World of Warcraft for about a month (I got it for my birthday this year after watching my fiance play it for several months).

I just started a character on Silvermoon Saturday night. She is a Nightelf Druid named Nydeaveth, and is currently a level 7.

I have a few other characters, but they are on the Azgalor (Undead Rogue, Tauren Shaman) and Zuluhed (Human Paladin) servers.
22nd-May-2006 11:38 pm - n00b Enchanting questions
I picked up enchanting the other day as one of my professions.. even after hearing about how expensive it was to get into. To balence this out and feed the profession with mats, i picked up Tailoring. Now, I know to use tailoring to create "green" items and then disenchant them for mats but are there any other tips to make this as cheap as possible?

Keep in mind my character is a Horde and level 22 so my ventures might be limited. My enchanting is around 154 I think and i'll admit that i spent a few gold in the AH getting materials like leather (since i cant skin, neither can any guildies) and even mats that i cant get yet to create certain Rods, etc.

Since this is a "profession" of course I am in this to make money, so any tips on what enchants are rare to look out for that people are OK with spending money on would be appreciated. Of course, I do offer low level enchants for free with my own mats and any enchant up to my level free if others provide me with the mats, but i do plan on at least attempting to make something out of it. Taking into consideration that I also do tailoring, are there any combinations that i can make and enchant that sell for a decent amount in AH or to other players?

Pretty much im just looking for advice since i'm a n00b lol.

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15th-Feb-2006 02:12 am - Heya
santa hat
I have just recently discovered the WoW sites on livejournal and just wanted to drop a line and say "hey"

I have a 60 NE Druid(restore) on Silvermoon "Willowogood" - Crimson Hand guild

My alts are: 26 Mage gnome "Willocita"
19 Human Pally "Willowufgood"

I have been playing for about a year, the guild has started doing MC, i am still working on my Ony quests...I am a complete World of Warcrack addict..lol (though I feel like a noob most of the time).
26th-Oct-2005 09:50 am - OH NOES!!!!
newest shot
... And I'm the G/F!

Been playing horde since beta, too.

Micahra ud Lock, lvl 60 tailor/skinner (mooncloth bags!)
Badtzmaru Troll hunter, lvl 43 - miner/engineer (Golin spec)
FlankSinatra Tauren Shaman - lvl 13 or 14 - Herb/alch

LikeMindedGamers guild.

26th-Oct-2005 09:41 am(no subject)
Isn't this handy.
I'm on the horde side, been playing since the beta along with my g/f.
Valys, Serethus, Veklash, Istaga...they're all me.
5th-Oct-2005 09:03 pm(no subject)
Hi there,

I've been playing WoW on Silvermoon for about 6 months. I've a level 44 druid and a level 26 hunter.

I went to the Darkmoon Faire in Elwynn Forest last month, but I haven't hit it this month while it is in horde territory.

I've successfully dont the Mathystra Relics quest, but it was a while ago. I don't remember it being bugged, but maybe Thottbott.com can say more.

Regards and happy questing.
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