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WoW: Silvermoon
n00b Enchanting questions 
22nd-May-2006 11:38 pm
I picked up enchanting the other day as one of my professions.. even after hearing about how expensive it was to get into. To balence this out and feed the profession with mats, i picked up Tailoring. Now, I know to use tailoring to create "green" items and then disenchant them for mats but are there any other tips to make this as cheap as possible?

Keep in mind my character is a Horde and level 22 so my ventures might be limited. My enchanting is around 154 I think and i'll admit that i spent a few gold in the AH getting materials like leather (since i cant skin, neither can any guildies) and even mats that i cant get yet to create certain Rods, etc.

Since this is a "profession" of course I am in this to make money, so any tips on what enchants are rare to look out for that people are OK with spending money on would be appreciated. Of course, I do offer low level enchants for free with my own mats and any enchant up to my level free if others provide me with the mats, but i do plan on at least attempting to make something out of it. Taking into consideration that I also do tailoring, are there any combinations that i can make and enchant that sell for a decent amount in AH or to other players?

Pretty much im just looking for advice since i'm a n00b lol.

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