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WoW: Silvermoon
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31st-Jul-2005 03:44 pm - Welcome!
utena heart
Welcome to the LJ community for World of Warcraft's Silvermoon server! My name is Bri and I will be your moderator. Here, have some info about me...

I've been playing on Silvermoon for a couple of weeks now as Xepri, currently lvl 18 warrior Night Elf (oh, and female like me). She kicks ass. Ahem. As for who I REALLY am, I'm 19, female and trying to decide where to transfer for college.

Anyway I'm looking forward to hearing what you guys think about stuff that's going on in Silvermoon!

I have two questions:

  • Has anyone actually seen the Darkmoon Faire? and
  • For the quest Mathystra Relics, are the relics, well, bugged!?

    That's all for now. Again, welcome to the community! :D
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